Go Fever
Photography by Ismael Quintanilla III

Despite employing a daggy combo of 70’s rock riffs, sometimes-saccharine pop hooks and intimate lyrics delivered in an outside voice, Go Fever has accrued a wide and dedicated following in Austin, TX, as well as every local accolade that’s up for grabs (except The Austin Chronicle’s Rock Band of The Year award- they lost that to Spoon).

While calling Austin home, the band has a mongrel make-up typical of the city’s artist community – singer-songwriter Acey Monaro hails from Australia’s Hunter Valley, Ben Burdick (bass) from Northern California, Keith Lough (guitar) from Maryland, Josh Merry (guitar) from North Carolina and Stijn Dobbelaere (drums) from Belgium by way of Missouri.

In June 2020, they headed into White Denim’s Radio Milk studio with legendary engineer Jim Vollentine and made the New Wave-adjacent, dance punk-curious Velvet Fist, a nine track LP that will be their first release on a label- Nine Mile Records.

With discernible nods to The B-52’s, The Pretenders and Minutemen, the album is their most accessible yet contradictory so far, boasting everything from a synth-heavy dance track about the joys of self-pleasure featuring a searing Danny Elfman-esque guitar line (Deep End), to a meat and potatoes guitar rocker detailing Monaro’s choleric exhaustion at toxic drinking culture and the bloated egos within it (NYE15).